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Pre Packaged for Retailers

Item# Pre Packaged for Retailers

Wholesalers and Retailers: Purchase Sampler One and Sampler Eight to try them all! 


Are you looking to carry a premium product line to boost income, then you've come to the right place. Please view our listing of Sample Packs located in the Specialty-Exotic-Attars page that we offer wholesale to retailers for resale.


Our pre-packaged line of our 12 Best Sellers come in a half ounce (17ml) bottle and are the perfect product addition to any line up. Our pre-packaged Urban line comes in 10ml roller bottles.


Detailed descriptions of scents are found with each individual oil, located in the Specialty, Exotic, Attar page.

Scents include; Juicy Marmalade, Karma, Sunset, Honey Love, Divorce Papers, Man Enough, Tibetan Sandalwood, Himalayan Mojo, Peace Hippy, Patchouli #10, Red Velvet.


Inquiries please email through the contact us link of our website. Be sure you are a registered business with a Tax ID and physical store front location or super online webstore presence.


These 17ml bottles are DOUBLE the quantity of the standard market roll-ons, so the It's Perfume Oil brand really gives you and your customers great value!


Purchase Sampler One and Eight try them all!


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