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Primp-n-Shampoo Testimonials

Item# Primp-n-Shampoo Testimonials (aka Primp-n-Poo)

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The picture is a before and after: The left ankle was as dingy and stained as the right ankle but with a little bit of shampoo lathered in and allowed to set in for about seven minutes this show horse was super happy and ready for the arena to show just how bright and shiny you can be after you "GET PRIMPED" 




I have been using Primp-n-Shampoo for twenty plus years, fortunately I was able to help with the testing of the shampoo in the beginning before going to market due to my many rescue dogs and family companions. It is the only shampoo our family uses on our animals. It Works and it Works Miracles! You will see many testimonials, all true! Please send in your stories and testimonials. I'll say this because it has yet to be covered, it even eliminates the smell when my dogs get sprayed by a skunk! We just wet them down and lather in Primp-n-Shampoo and try and leave it on for fifteen minutes just to be sure. A couple of times we had to give one dog two baths but that was it, it works to eliminate skunk spray and it works wonderful!

Randy G. Bay City 


I purchased Panda, a potbellied pig at an auction in April. His entire body was covered with some type of bites and his skin was very irritated. I used two different dog shampoos specifically for problem coats & skin. Neither of these products did too much. I tried Primp-n-Poo, I liked the idea of it being all natural. What a difference! Panda is irritation free and now has a very healthy look. It only took one bath and a tiny bit of shampoo to see improvement." Cindy C. Cindy Lou's Zoo & Saddle Up Magazine


“Primp-n-Poo” Excellent Dog ShampooThis is one of the nicest shampoos I've come across. It has a delightful, clean smell, and has all kinds of odor-reducing, pest repelling, coat softening, and ph-balancing properties. Its herbal qualities combat fleas, odor, and dry skin. And, it's concentrated! So this 8-ounce bottle will make you a half-gallon of shampoo. It is really a great product. They should have named it: “Worlds Best Dog Shampoo!”  Dog Scouts of America, MI


(Charlies Story) When in Virginia at the State Fair some years back, Two Percherons pulled folks around in a wagon all day in the dusty, sandy environment. We went home every night with grit in our teeth, to not was impossible. The place was a dust bowl and sand pit! The owner of the horses, Charlie, was about to wash his horses with another nationally recognized brand and since we were in the same section with our booth right next door to his, the horses stalls and performance arena, we offered him Primp-n-Poo to try. He hesitantly agreed being a big brand user for years. He came back with eyes wide open and a big smile after bathing his two horses. We asked how much did you use Charlie? He gave us a thumb and index finger amount answer! He had added one ounce to a bucket of water and washed the body of the 2 Percherons. Four days later the coats were "Soft, Shiny and Dust Free"!

(Jo Wright) was also at the Virginia State Fair with her all white Quarter horse as the lead in the parade. She used Primp-n-Poo as well and claimed her horse never looked so bright white and shiny. It only took 2 ounces to bathe her horse mane and tail included!
"My name is Cindy and I am with "AARF", Animal Adoption and Rescue Foundation in Richmond, VA and I want to let you know how wonderful Primp-n-Poo shampoo is. I have been in the rescue world for years and have had cases of puppies and dogs that have had skin troubles from mange to chemical burns from Katrina. My husband and I purchased  your product at our State Fair and started using it on our foster dogs and puppies. At the time we had a litter of Katrina pups that had been chemical burned and their skin was infected and oozing by the time they reached Virginia.We started bathing them with your product and within 2 weeks their skin has healed and their hair had started coming back in. We also had a beagle pup with mange and an adult dog with mange and it worked just as well with them, too. Another one of our babies named named Redford your wonderful product helped came to us with mange, a arrow stuck in his side and a collar embedded in his neck! He weighed 45 pounds when we got him and now he weighs 88 pounds! A very handsome boy! Cindy-AARF, Richmond, VA


I had gotten your shampoo at the Pet Expo in Long Island, NY. It's REALLY GREAT and ALL the dogs I use it on look better than dogs I don't use it on. IT REALLY  MAKES SUCH A NOTICEABLE DIFFERENCE! Beth S. NY


I have just started using Primp-n-Poo on all 3 of my Bearded Collies. First let me say that the shampoo does not change the texture of the coat. (This is important when you have a harsh coated dog.) It has worked on reducing the dry flaky skin on my old dog, the aromatherapy approach is one I like and the sweet scent I am sure is soothing on their skin. Some shampoos are harsh and leave the coat dry, this is not the case with Primp-n-Poo. Thank you for all you have done.


I have used many shampoos in my day while showing my blue ribbon Poodle, but none has compared to Primp-n-Poo shampoo for animals. I have tried blackening shampoos, hypoallergenic shampoos, and even puppy shampoos. It has been a long rode to find a shampoo that can instantly rejuvenate the color of my dogs coat, while at the same time making it feel softer by the use of aromatherapy. She is a much calmer and happier dog not only because of the soothing plant extracts, but also because she found something that meets the needs of her sensitive skin. I love Primp-n-Poo so much that I even use it on my half Maine Coon half Tuxedo Bobtail cat. He is also a blue ribbon champ. With this shampoo I am able to lessen the frequency of giving him baths, making the two of us very happy customers.“          Dr. Nicole S.


After bathing our dog in Primp-N-Poo her shedding decreased by almost 80% and her coat was so soft and shiny. I would recommend this product to anyone. Thank you for the fabulous product.“ Mary Kay


I used this shampoo on my 3 small dogs. Two of them have skin allergies. This shampoo was wonderful – no allergic reaction, the fur was incredibly soft and felt nourished.“ Sharon N. Rochester


Lucy has long thick fur and it is really difficult to keep this active dog out of the mud and muck.  But I use the Primp n Shampoo once a month and it is a dramatic change for my dog.  She looks great in only minutes.  I also feel that the aromatherapy helps to calm her down because the border collie is such a hyper breed. Ty H. Tennessee


As a breeder, kennel owner, and groomer, I have read all the claims about different shampoos performing multiple tasks, none of which prove to be correct; until I was introduced to Primp-n-Poo. Not only is a fantastic all round cleaner it also acts as a degreaser, flea killer, as well as acts as an anti-inflammatory agent for dogs with irritated skin. I personally use this product at home on my Black Russian Terrier, which is show Mult. Champion and would highly recommend Primp-n-Poo to anyone looking for a shampoo that offers multiple applications.“ Olga K. Zastava BRT Kennel


We use Primp-N-Poo all the time on all of our dogs that are brought in to our salon and we charge a premium to do so. It acts as a great flea shampoo. It shines all of our animals! All of our customers always comment on how nice their dogs smell and look after we used Primp-N-Poo on them. We love your product so much we now sell it to all of our customers in our salon store!“ Marcy's Grooming Salon


"The Coca-Cola Classic K-9's, (the world's most popular dogs), all use and recommend Primp-n-Poo for maximum sheen, scent, and appearance. Our team appears on National Television regularly. We also perform in more than 20 Live Classic K-9 Show performances each year, entertaining more than 2,000,000 spectators annually. Our dogs MUST look, smell and feel good or we would switch shampoos! Trust me, Primp-n-Poo is the best pet shampoo available." Ken S. from the Coca-Cola Classic K-9 Show


"We have been in the boarding and grooming business for decades and have never encountered a shampoo that does what it says it will other than Primp-n-Poo. We have used it on all breeds and coat types and it is the best cleaning shampoo we've found. It has the best lather, rinses easily and leaves dogs soft, shiny and smelling great. OUR CHAMPIONS NEVER LOOKED SO GOOD! And our horses love it too!" Key-Lore Kennels


"I have not been able to wear my favorite color around Bear for years. After his first bath in Primp-n-Poo I was able to wear my favorite color around my favorite dog! Primp-n-Poo reduced the shedding that much with only one bath and his coat is incredibly shiny and soft. We like it so much we even started selling it in the pharmacy where I work." Sherrill-Medi-Cap Pharmacy


"We won at Westminster and we couldn't have done it without that Primp-n-Poo Shine!" Diane T.


 AMAZING! Our dogs coat was dull black and even after taking him to two different groomers multiple times for special attention, nothing restored his luster back to the original black sheen. Thank you Primp-n-Shampoo, after his first bath in your wonderful shampoo our dog has seen an amazing improvement in his coat color!!! It's all black and shiny again and only a small amount of shampoo did it, it really did work! We will continue to "GET PRIMPED" shampooing him as needed. Thank you so much!!! JD


Your shampoo left my  Boxer dog  Brandy with a beautiful shiny coat. She also smelled really good. Thanks, Sally


Mikie the Bichon came to my shop for a degreaser bath after he sat under a barbque of lamb, the lamb juice was all over his head! We gave him a bath twice in Primp-N-Poo because of his ears, they were soaked in grease. He came out with no grease and smelled better then when he came into our shop. We now use Primp-N-ShamPoo all the time on most of our dogs because it's such a superior shampoo, and what a great flea shampoo with natural ingredients and the shine it gives our black coated dogs is incredible!!! Thank you for this wonderful product, Marci from Birmingham


This is the BEST SHAMPOO I've ever used on my English Bulldog. It makes his skin soft and his coat shine. I have had no problems with dry flaking like I did with the medicated shampoo from the vet. .Baxter and I are both happy! JILL A. Michigan


I want to thank you so much for your wonderful Shampoo. I was lucky enough to win a bottle for BOB, as did all the other BOB winners. Your shampoo is a premium product. The scent is very clean smelling, as well as a nice smell that lingers on the dog. I love going into the kennel after bathing the dogs. It also rinses easily, and gives the coat a beautiful shine and silky texture. Thank You so much. Connie The GreatLakes Toy Dog Club 


I have been a Groomer for 37 Years. I finally found a shampoo that does all that it says it does! My clients dogs are coming out more beautiful than ever since I started using PRIMP n SHAMPOO. My clients are seeing the difference from this shampoo. All the dogs I groom smell better to and for longer.They all come out cleaner, softer and shinnier too. My own three dogs stay cleaner longer and I find they don't get as many knots. I LOVE what it has done to my own hands. After washing dogs all day your hands can get pretty dried out and rough. Since I have been using this shampoo my hands are so much softer and not so dried out. I THINK I HAVE FOUND THE NINTH WONDER OF THE WORLD. THE BEST I HAVE EVER USED. Beth S. New York


Primp n poo has been amazing for my little girl.  She is all white and I have the hardest time keeping her clean.  Her skin is also so sensitive.  Luckily the primp n poo leaves her shiny, smooth and non-irritated.  Its the best I've ever used and I think Daisy my Chihuahua/ Jack Russell likes it too! Dr. Samantha R. TN



I am writing to compliment the makers of Primp-N-Shampoo for a great product.  The two things that I do like most about it are its easy sudsing and easy rinsing properties.  It only takes a small amount to get a whole body's worth of suds and it then rinses clean with no residue.  And the smell is wonderful.  Daytona used to be very fussy at bathtime.  However, because the shampoo has the aroma therapy qualities, she seems to be a little less fussy.  And her coat is very soft and shiny after her bath.  I will continue to use this product and will recommend to other "dog parents" who are looking for a good quality shampoo for their 4-legged family member.  Thank you Laszlo and Lorna S.


This shampoo is AWESOME on Borzoi coats!  We went to the show at Cobo Hall about 3 years ago and received a sample and have been devoted customers since.  We've been "puttin the word out" about this wonderful product. Get's rid of all urine stains and the dog's coats are incredible. Thank you for this great product! Maribeth B.


We first tried a small bottle of your product that be bought at the Richmond State Fair. Our dog/baby Jessie a Golden Retriever has a hard time with allergies so we can't just use any old shampoo. Your product is like Shampoo and Conditioner in one. It leaves her coat soft and shiny and doesn't give her any problems in regards to her allergies! And she smells great, too - which makes cuddeling all the more fun! Thanks, Christine R. VA


We sincerely hope that by you choosing to pick up a bottle of our Premium Shampoo your pet truly enjoys an aromatherapy experience.  And please remember rescues and shelters are always in need of gifts and Primp-n-Shampoo is ideal for gifting so please keep it in mind for your next donation.


THANK YOU we're looking forward to continuing our well-groomed relationship! 'Get Primped'